NOW offering Massage Therapy!

We are all empathetic beings and whether you feel the world's fear or not, it is effecting you in some way. It can manifest its ways through signs of sadness, fear, depression from isolation, loneliness, anger or any of negative energies you are feeling. Understand that it is okay to feel all of those emotions; but do not let them take control of your day - to - day.  Now is the time to acknowledge them and rise above them. Stay healthy, put yourself first during these difficult times and get back to what makes you truly blissful and most importantly, stay virus free. 

If you would feel safer staying home, remember distant sessions may be done via FaceTime  Messenger call, Skype, or if you would rather not do a call, we can dedicate a time where you can just lay back, close your eyes and feel the energy flow as it is sent to you.

If you’re feeling anything negative, and need assistance, try Reiki!

 Please contact me to set you up an appointment today.

Even if you just want to talk, I’m here.



Reiki Seminars

Now Taking reservations for upcoming Reiki seminar in September 2020

Please email me your interest, and I'll contact you with upcoming information. 

During this time, may I offer peaceful healing meditations to those of you in need of a quiet place to just be.

Just for today....

do not anger

do not worry

be grateful

do your duties

be kind to others


Here is a calming 285 Hz ❯ IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOST ❯ Heals and Regenerates Tissues ❯ Mandala Meditation Music that I've been playing in the background while I work from home, it helps to calm my sympathetic nervous system. 









click on the image to give it a listen.


Peace and Blessings my friends :)


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