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824 Ridgefield Rd, Thibodaux LA

985-999-1826 (text only/not a voice line)


Red & Blue LED and NIR Light Therapy

Chi Passive Aerobic Exerciser

Ionic Foot Detox Bath

Quantum Microcurrent Frequencies

Binaural or Guided Meditation

Aroma Therapy

And as always, our base offerings:


Massage Therapy

CBD Massage

CranioSacral Therapy

Healthy Living Consultant


During this time, may I offer peaceful healing meditations to those of you in need of a quiet place to just be.

Just for today....

do not anger

do not worry

be grateful

do your duties

be kind to others


Here is a calming 285 Hz ❯ IMMUNE SYSTEM BOOST ❯ Heals and Regenerates Tissues ❯ Mandala Meditation Music that I've been playing in the background while I work from home, it helps to calm my sympathetic nervous system. 





click on the image to give it a listen.


Peace and Blessings my friends :)

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