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10" - 11" White Sage bundles

All my bundles are infused with Reiki and certain intentions for specific use.  The cotton thread holding my bundles together help steer the intentions for deep clearing and manifesting desired affects. 


Black, my most popular sage. This sage stick is perfect for finding and banishing darker thought forms. Remove the lower vibrations after arguments or negative visitors within your space. This heavy hitter is a must in every house. Available in Palo Santo and Sage.


Rainbow, Carefully wrapped with the colors of the chakras, this beautiful sage will cleanse and strengthen all of your chakras. Bring into your environment the vibrations to cleanse energize and remove energies that do not serve your highest good!


Pink, to promote self-love! Engulf your aura and surroundings with love. Banish the hate and anger from your being and environment with the “love” sage


Red, the color of security and survival. This vital life-force chakra manifests itself in personal integrity, self esteem, and a sense of belonging. This sage is a wonderful tool to work with to bring back the balance needed to clear the pathways to promote our grounding, vitality and zest for life!


Green & Pink, the two colors of the heart chakra. If you are struggling with trust, commitment, compassion, sleep problems or even lack of motivation, work with this sage stick to move and clear blockages within your heart chakra.


Indigo & Violet, this color resonates with the higher connection of the spiritual world. Perfect to use prior to mediations or bed time. It will aid in clearing out stagnant energies picked up throughout the day, and open the channels for clearer connection with the universe and higher self.


All oil products have been infused with Reiki to enhance healing energies and to insure each item you receive is of the highest vibration possible prior to shipping. 

Large Smudge Bundles

  • Full Return, paid by purchaser, if item is not satifactory within 30 days un-damaged. 

    No return over 30 days

  • Stay safe from burns, embers or ashes by burning in a heat safe container making sure that no burning embers fall on flamable materials.  When you are finished smudging, cover sage so that the burn in extinguished throughly. 

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